FAMP’s goals are to assist its Members in navigating the ever changing regulatory scene and identify products and services that will help our members. Many of our Members are small companies and require the assistance of our association to help them understand the ever changing regulatory requirements. FAMP in its extensive due diligence review, determined that the AcuClix© software will help our Members and the industry in general. All companies can have their loan officers social media and website use reviewed by AcuClix© by accessing the proprietary AcuClix©SMP Review. This is a review program developed elusively for FAMP.



WebGreeter is a 12 year old Chicago based Live Chat Support Company. Webgreeter initiates conversations with the visitors coming onto your website, qualify the traffic, understand their needs and help generate a sales lead for your team. Florida Association for Mortgage Professionals has partnered with WebGreeter to get a special 10% discount for our members. Please contact Bill Scott at 312-241-1150 for details about this special.


Tactile Finance

With Tactile Finance’s PRO software, a picture is worth 1000 words. Give your customers a new lens to view their real estate financing. Quote interest rates and loan scenarios with ease, with our interactive, shareable tools that boost referrals. Spend less time explaining and more time originating. Your customers get peace of mind and true perspective.

Get a risk-free, 2-month free subscription to Tactile Finance PRO software, and then an additional 20% off if you decide to continue.

Contact Tactile Finance at (646) 480-2650, or visit our product page and get a demo at www.tactilefinancepro.com