What is FAMP PAC?

PAC is the Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals’ voluntary, non-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC). This Political Action Committee represents Mortgage Brokers’ interests in Tallahassee and ultimately on Capital Hill.

FAMP PAC represents the Mortgage Broker Industry’s voice in the halls of the Florida House and Senate. Its membership consists of brokers, lenders, and others with interest in the mortgage industry.

What Is the Intention of FAMP PAC?

PAC raises money to elect and re-elect candidates that have clear understanding of the topics that are at the forefront of the mortgage broker industry and who support our initiatives. FAMP PAC’s primary function is to support those candidates whose voting record and vision reflect the interests of our industry.

FAMP PAC promotes member companies and their employees to participate in the campaign process ensuring that we have friends and allies in the Florida House and Senate.

Why Donate to FAMP PAC?

When you contribute to FAMP PAC you are helping your business and, on a larger scale, the Mortgage Broker Industry. FAMP members are able to build a united voice in Tallahassee and provide a key role in the campaign process by contributing funds to support candidates who support our industry.

By sending messages to candidates and elected leaders, FAMP PAC provides pivotal information that helps the decision makers in Tallahassee know and understand the issues affecting the mortgage broker industry.

Can my Company Contribute to FAMP PAC?

The FAMP has two PACs. The State PAC is called the Mortgage Brokers PAC and the Federal PAC is called the FAMP Federal PAC. Donations to the state PAC may come from either personal funds or corporate funds. Donations to the Federal PAC must be in the form of personal checks.

Corporations MAY NOT contribute to the Federal PAC. Cash donations cannot be accepted by PAC. FAMP contributes to State candidates as well as Federal candidates. We ask that you designate which PAC you wish to contribute to.

Join the Political Action Committee (PAC) today. You do not need to be a member of FAMB to become a member. To get more info on joining and/or contributing to our FAMP PAC, please contact us.