Code Of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice

The FAMB serves dedicated professionals in the mortgage industry. The Association provides training and educational programs and promotes cooperation among it members. FAMB supports responsible legislative action and protects the consumers of the State of Florida through responsible mortgage business.

  1. The Member shall conduct business affairs with honor and integrity.
  2. The Member shall not offer or advertise terms or conditions that are not available.
  3. The Member shall abide by Federal Regulations promulgated by the Federal Trade Commission with regard to advertising.
  4. The Member shall abide by all agreements, written or oral made to the public.
  5. The Member shall not speak disparagingly of the business practices of a competitor.
  6. The Member shall maintain separate accounts for the deposit of trust or escrow funds.
  7. The Member shall keep complete and accurate records of all mortgage transactions.
  8. The Member shall make representations in others areas of expertise only when duly licensed or accredited in that field.
  9. The Member shall become knowledgeable as to new and innovative mortgage financing alternatives by attending educational seminars.
  10. The Member shall not profess an opinion of title or warrant the legal ownership of property unless duly licensed or authorized to give this opinion or warranty.
  11. The Member shall keep all information acquired confidential unless release is authorized by the individuals in question.
  12. The Member shall not create, distribute or dispense any information that is known to be false, fraudulent or illegal.
  13. The Member shall comply with the By-Laws and Code of Ethics of FAMP.
  14. The Member Professional shall promote and support the actions and positions of FAMP.
  15. The Member shall promote and support the actions and positions of FAMP and support the actions and positions of FAMP.
  16. A Member shall disclose all conflicts of interest actual or perceived.
  17. Any violation of the FAMP Board Member Code of Conduct and/or the FAMP Conflict of Interest Statement shall constitute a violation of the FAMP Code of Ethics.